Give your brand the love it deserves

Great brands make people fall in love, over and over again.

Birds do it Bees do it. But how do educated B2B’s and B2C’s do it? Well it isn’t easy, but anyone who has ever been in love will know this already… Truth is there’s a great deal of work that goes into creating a heart stopping brand. And the key to the magic is in how you make people feel. Or rather, how your brand and marketing makes people feel. Does it woo them from the moment they clap eyes on your logo, or is it more of a simmering smolder?

As one of RHC’s favourite writers once asserted: ”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

Follow Red Hen’s EGG rule, and you’ll be on your way to cracking a few hearts.


Think a little bit differently. Step outside of the cage. As an extension of yourself, your brand should encapsulate your values, your strengths and your promise. In today’s competitive market though, it’s no longer enough to simply state your USP’s, you need to demonstrate them, every day. Entice and captivate your audience with a striking identity and compelling content. And once you’ve connected and engaged with your audience, make sure you sustain that connection. You want your love to grow and flourish right? So keep the spark alive. Regular e-marketing campaigns, customer/employee feedback, brand workshops and good old fashioned tea and biscuits – all of these things ensure your love stays strong.


At Red Hen Creative our ethos revolves around being open and honest. The age old adage, people buy people, very much steers our philosophy. And the truth is, if you’re genuine and down to earth with your marketing, you will resonate more powerfully with your audience. You have to be absolutely true to your brand values in order to build trust and ultimately become a brand that people love and want to be part of. Remember at every point of contact with your audience, be positive, be genuine and make your customers/consumers feel wanted.


If you think about the world’s biggest brands, or even the UK’s biggest brands, and think about what sets them apart… You’ll find it’s guts. It’s having the conviction to take a fresh idea, believe in it, and run with it. The strategy comes later.


There have been so many great adverts just recently that have taken a creative team with guts to make them happen. Take Aldi’s award winning ads for instance, or John Lewis’s snowmen Christmas ad – I would have liked to have been around the ‘creative table’ when that was first discussed. ‘So there’s two snowmen, snow people (even creatives are PC now) and they erm, they fall in love, and err he’s trying to get her the best Christmas present…’

Fab ideas, conviction and the determination to see those ideas through is what results in brands that people fall head over heels in love with. To all of those brands, and the creatives behind them, we doff our feathers to you.

Make people feel loved, and chances are they won’t fall out of love with you. Unless you give them good reason.

Hubspot’s Katerina Holmgren has some great pointers on how to make your audience feel loved:

“Create Success Stories: Featuring your top customers in testimonials or case studies is a way to not only shine the spotlight on someone else for a while, but to thank your customers for being such a key part of your company’s community. And while making your current customers feel loved, you’ll probably gain some new ones in the process.


Share the Love on Social Media:  Recognise customer success and happiness by responding to positive comments about your brand in social media. So get retweeting, commenting, and sharing other people’s content socially.


Offer Guest Blogging Opportunities: Guest blogging is a way to say you value your customers’ opinions, get some extra content for your blog (who doesn’t need that?), and give those guest bloggers exposure to a new audience and valuable links back to their site.


Say Thank You: It’s so simple, yet most of us don’t do it enough. Actively seek out opportunities to thank your customers.”