Does Integrated Marketing Mixed With Femininity Equal Success?

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Red Hen Creative’s latest blog looks at gender stereotyping within the integrated marketing mix.


Does Integrated Marketing Mixed with Femininity Equal Success?

As a leading integrated marketing agency, here at Red Hen Creative we work with many brands in order to create unique identities, that not only set companies apart from their competitors, but also ‘speak’ to their potential customers.


Historically, marketing and branding has often involved an element of gender-bias, for example, targeting women with washing powder and men with cars. However, with new research by Boston Consulting Group revealing that over 70 per cent of global spending is now controlled by women, should companies be doing more to ensure this vast female audience is targeted, regardless of the product or service?


As experts in integrated market (and with many birds in our coop), we think it’s imperative that traditionally male-dominated brands begin to address their marketing, and consider how they can effectively reach and tap into a massive 70% of the world’s spending power, just like leading names Kopparberg and Nokia have done.


With creative, inclusive branding, and a strong, effective strategy of communication, these businesses have been able to target both sexes, without fear of alienation from either gender, to which we salute them!


Each generation is rewriting the rules of male and female stereotypes and new rules require change; now more than ever the gender roles continue to adapt, and companies must ensure their own image and marketing is a reflection of society now, rather than how it looked even just a year ago in order to stay current and ahead of the competition.


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