Happy New Year

Dream big and achieve big in 2015

Dream big and achieve big in 2015

 Happy New Year. How are those new year resolutions going? 

As the first working week of 2016 draws to a close, I’m more focused than ever on my resolutions: be more organised, blog more often, catch up with clients more regularly, pitch big… along with the usual suspects: eat less, exercise more….

On a personal level though, this year, I’ve made a promise to myself – despite how busy things might get, when I do get the chance to spend time with family, I’m going to make sure those moments count. I want my children to have a good laugh at least once a day. I want them to be this happy.

And that got me to thinking… I wonder what the objectives of some of the world’s foremost creative agencies might be in 2016? Will happiness be at the heart of their campaigns?

In 2015 we saw a real surge in advertising that truly connected – tapping into people’s emotions and tugging on those heart strings in order to motivate consumers to buy. John Lewis’s Christmas ad, for instance, cleverly highlighted just how lonely this time of year can be for the elderly. (All the while encouraging people to spend big… telescopes don’t come cheap do they! And by donating a significant chunk of proceeds to Age UK, the retailer actually put its money where its mouth is. ‘Meaningful and memorable’ seemed to be the ‘objective’ for most retailers. But this year, what I’d really like to see is less of the miserable and memorable, and more of the happy stuff in 2016. Aldi’s take on the Man in the Moon ad was extremely funny, and I can’t wait to see what else Aldi has in store. More of the happy is what I want. And it’s what I want for my clients too.

If you want to see more of the best Christmas ad campaigns of 2015, Danielle Long, editor of Brands Review, has written a great review – well worth a look. Take a nosy.  You can read more about the Aldi spoof here too.

We really hope that your first week back has been great and that you’re sticking to your resolutions, whatever they might be. All the very best for 2016. And if we can impart a little advice… This year, really connect with your clients. Make them happy.