Merry Christmas everyone!



We’ve been so busy ensuring our clients’ sites are looking lovely, that we’ve been a bit remiss with our own. Naughty. Practice what you preach… We hear you. We’ve been deservedly scolded recently, ergo (that’s for you Jo), here’s our latest edition.

Well, to be honest it’s more of a ‘Glad Tidings’ update! With Christmas less than a week away we’d like to wish all our clients, and friends, a very Merry Christmas – here’s to a great 2013. For everyone who has supported us in our first year, we’d also like to say a big thank you too. And I’d personally like to thank our dependable free range creatives, without whom, not only would I be a pretty lonely old hen, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the success we have this year.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve been getting our beaks into:

In the past 12 months’ Red Hen Creative has… helped Save the Rhinos, helped save our most precious body parts, by supporting Movember, created and developed 7 new brand identities, shaped the face of facades, sent out over 100 client e-campaigns, secured over 40 CPD’s, produced 10 new merchandising brochures, written over 10,000 pages of SEO content, secured 8 new clients, developed digital strategies for one of the biggest names in retail, and conceived a refreshingly different online student experience for one of the UK’s leading law schools, oh, and flew the coop for a business trip to Vienna…

All of which we couldn’t have done without our clients’ support, and, erm, them giving us the work in the first place.

We doff our feathers and waggle our wattle to you. And wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Make sure you keep coming back in the New Year, as we’ll be revealing two new shiny websites that we’ve created on behalf of our clients.