New Year’s Business Resolutions You Can Stick To…


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A new year. A fresh perspective. 

There’s something so appealing about the first week of January. As the new year extends before us, it fills everyone with a sense of hope and promise. After two lazy weeks in front of the TV, far too many choccies, and only family for company, we’re all clamouring to get back to the grindstone and get those business challenges underway. Even the kids can’t wait to get back to some kind of routine. The thrill of the new spurs us forward… It’s a time for reflection, reinvigoration, and focus, not just for individuals, but for businesses too.

A recent survey published in the Wall Street Journal has found (kind of predictably) that revenue growth and efficiency are the biggest focus of new year’s business resolutions for 2014. Interestingly of those surveyed, more than half confirmed that it’s easier to keep to your new year’s business resolutions than personal ones. Who’d have thought keeping your business figures trim, an easier proposition?

Here’s a snippet from the survey. Get the full story here. The Huffington Post has also run with a new year’s business resolution article this week, offering great insights to help you kick off 2014 with a sharpened focus.

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Resolutions Resulting in Business Success

When asked what resolution they kept in the past that helped their business, replies included:

   "Ask for more help" 

   "Build my team" 

   "Be more aggressive with social media" 

   "Blog more frequently" 

   "Find out what personally motivates my staff" 

   "Create a marketing plan" 

   "Drop what isn't working and move forward"

Dreaming Big Translates to a Bigger Staff and Marketing Spend

When asked what New Year’s resolution they would make for their business if money were no object, the verbatim answers ranged from aggressive (“buy out the competition”), to wishful (“retire”), to downright practical (“get my financial reserves to six months of revenue”). Hiring people was a big theme. From sales staff, to bookkeepers, to administrative assistants, small businesses would like to be in a position to hire and train more staff.

Another running theme of answers to this question was having more money to spend on marketing efforts. Some responses included:

"Conduct a full-on marketing blitz"
 "Consistently, efficiently and effectively write blogs, send newsletters, 
      and use social media" 

"Hire a marketing/PR firm" 

"Hire someone to do all of my marketing and social media marketing for me 
      - and I would spend a boatload of money on advertising of all sorts" 

"A new, mobile-optimized, interactive, custom designed website built on a 
      content management platform" 

"Advertise regularly and effectively"
"Launch an extensive marketing campaign for the New Year"