When Social Media Strategy Determines Advertising Outcomes

Argos' loveable Alien giving birth

Argos’ loveable Aliens ask the UK for help in naming their third child, boosting the brand’s social media credentials.













As an integrated marketing agency with a specialist social media consultant amongst our feathered flock, we watched with interest this week, the launch of Argos’ summer ad campaign which combined real-time Twitter engagement with traditional TV advertising.

Featuring the loveable ‘Argos Aliens’, the first 40 second TV advert, which launched on 25 June, revealed the family were expecting their third child, and epitomised modern interaction by asking viewers to vote for its name using #nameourbaby.

A second, pre-recorded commercial, celebrated the arrival of the newborn, whose name was unveiled via a text overlay, and was the result of the Twitter voting, which Argos claims is a first for a UK brand.

This refreshing approach to marketing is increasingly becoming an essential part of the mix, truly defining what the word ‘mix’ represents; deploying traditional and contemporary communication tools and techniques in tandem, to create effective and engaging brand awareness and sales.

Which is one reason why we at Red Hen Creative have recently expanded our own services to include social media management; to ensure we are meeting the changing needs of a discerning client base, by offering a full and effective service, which includes every appropriate element of the marketing and communication mix. With social media strategy now one of our core marketing services.

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Oh, and if you haven’t yet seen the ad, take a look here: http://www.youtube.com/user/argoscouk